Travel by Dart - Season 2 (2022)

Here is the list of countries and regions that we feature on Travel by Dart seasons 1 and 2. The show starts airing in the summer of 2022.

Galapagos Islands

During his trip to Costa Rica in Season 1, Sorin threw a dart at the map and hit the ocean right between the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. As a result, he embarked on a journey to visit both places, as Ecuador governs the famous islands. This first episode of the new season finds Sorin in the Galapagos. He introduces us to charismatic 150-year-old tortoises, dynamic sea lions that come and chill with the locals in the middle of the town, and scary-looking iguanas that are friendlier than your pet. The host swims with the sharks close to Seymour island and gets to stay in Bill Clinton's villa. This is an episode to watch, indeed. Then move to the next one, Travel by Dart Ecuador! Here is


Brazil (Part 1)

Sorin ends up in Brazil after the dart thrown in Colombia hit the largest state in South America during the last episode. A big country means lots of activities, so all the Brazil activities are spread over two episodes. First, Sorin checks out Rio de Janeiro, where he visits the famous Christ The Redeemer statue. After getting to know the capital city, the host moves to Arraial do Cabo, a jewel town located on the side of the Atlantic Ocean. Surprises are to come out. This first part of Travel by Dart Brazil ends with a visit to Manaus and the Amazon jungle, where Sorin spends a few days amongst a million insects and bugs and gets to eat worms! Here's the second part of the Brazil show.

Brazil (Part 2)

The first part of Travel by Dart: Brazil was a success, but not enough! While Sorin gets to spend an entire month in Brazil, he makes a call back home to see if any of the public and friends worldwide want to come and join him. To his surprise, his buddies come down to South America in significant numbers, so it's time to party! Sorin gets into the role of the host not just for the show but for 20 friends and fans that join him in Brazil. Things are more fun when done in a group, so the gang dives deep into the culture of this colorful country. Rio de Janeiro, what a beauty! Here is the trailer of the show in Portuguese: If you want to get updates on Travel by Dart, please subscri