Business & Corporate Partnerships

Be a part of our show on a grander scale for the third season. Align your brand with our target audience in a variety of creative platforms. We will be filming this year in Iceland, Greece, India, Antarctica, Pakistan, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Turkey, Vietnam, and a few other places. The good news is we want to feature your brand in the show. What does that mean?

Whether your company is a hotel, tour operator, service provider, or manufacturer of a fantastic item, let's partner. We can creatively implement your brand in one of the episodes shots in the countries listed above. We had several successful partnerships with several brands and Ministers of Tourism, so whatever your company is, we'll cover it. Do you want to see an example?

Check out the short clip below that we implemented in the Japan episode when filming in Kyoto. We partnered up with a 5-star hotel called FAUCHON, which accommodated our crew. Your brand will get the same type of exposure:

Remember, our show has been airing on several TV networks, airlines, and soon on Amazon Prime, all platforms having a cumulative viewership of over 200,000,000 people.. See where our show airs HERE.

Interested? We love it when businesses participate. This is why we emphasize building strategic business packages that help the world and get you noticed. Email us HERE.