About the Series

Travel by Dart is an inspirational tale of Sorin Mihailovici, an adventurer who throws darts at the world map blindfolded and travels wherever they land - no matter how far, complicated, or expensive it is.!

This new series combines adventure travel, reality TV, and fun while delivering refreshing life perspectives from the host as he overcomes challenges that face him along the way. Covering every continent, from South East Asia to the most remote islands of Polynesia, Sorin uncovers the history, cuisine, cultures, and subcultures that connect the world.

Each trip is fuelled by Sorin's resourcefulness and ability to make it from one place to the next, evoking mystery, adventure, and inspiration at every turn. The producer films his entire journey step-by-step from beginning to end, proving that traveling to every continent on the globe, living your wildest dreams, and getting past the challenges of the mundane work-life is entirely possible if you put your mind to it..

This show is for all ages. Stay tuned as Sorin continues to film this ongoing journey by subscribing to Travel by Dart's official YouTube channel HERE. You'll be the first notified when a new video comes out.

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