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Travel by Dart is an inspirational series that combines adventure, travel (even despite the pandemic, yes), reality TV, and fun. In each episode, two friends throw a dart at the world's map and travel wherever it lands, regardless of how far or complicated it is.

The show delivers an inspiring tale of two men and how they overcome the challenges that face them along the way to complete each mission. It started when Sorin and Matt were looking to find a holiday spot between two best friends. Little did they know what was about to happen.

They traveled to the end of the earth as the dart landed in the Arctic islands of Svalbard, 200 miles from the North Pole. They went there, had a blast, then they did it again.

The next dart throw made them do a cross-country tour of Russia. From almost being arrested in the Red Square, Moscow, to diving into the beauty named St. Petersburg, the boys knew they're onto something.

Svalbard and Russia were documented on camera, but that was just the beginning. Both become the pilot episodes of a new Travel by Dart series that they are proud to showcase for the years to come, starting now in 2021. Fun, action, stunts, and educational tips from the local land are not missing from the show either. Travel by Dart is a show for all ages.



The love and the interest that their adventure has been getting has translated into the making of a full season. As you're reading this, Sorin and Matt are working on the production, with intended distribution on television and, of course, online (a plethora of entertaining webisodes and blog posts). You can subscribe to Travel by Dart's YouTube channel HERE to see 48 webisodes that are to be released in 2021, while you can wait for the big announcement regarding the TV broadcast. You can watch the first webisode HERE.

Wanna be part of it? Shoot us a line at: hello at travelbydart dot com if you want to be involved in any capacity. Travel by Dart could not exist without the support of amazing people like you, other friends, and partners. To be notified of new developments, you can also like Travel by Dart's Facebook page HERE or follow its Instagram account HERE.





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