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Travel by Dart is an inspirational tale of Sorin Mihailovici, an adventurer who throws darts at the world map blindfolded and travels wherever they land - no matter how far, complicated, or expensive it is. Occasionally, Sorin is accompanied by his best friend, Matt.

This new series combines adventure travel, reality TV, and fun while delivering refreshing life perspectives from the host as he overcomes challenges that face him along the way. Covering every continent, from South East Asia to the most remote islands of Polynesia, Sorin uncovers the history, cuisine, cultures, and subcultures that connect the world.

Each trip is fuelled by Sorin's resourcefulness and ability to make it from one place to the next, evoking mystery, adventure, and inspiration at every turn. The producer films his entire journey step-by-step from beginning to end, proving that traveling to every continent on the globe, living your wildest dreams, and getting past the challenges of the mundane work-life is entirely possible if you put your mind to it.

Mihailovici turned "traveling by dart" into his lifestyle after trying it a couple of times, for fun, with his best friend, Matt Cook. The random dart sent them to the ends of the earth, first to the Arctic islands of Svalbard, then to stoic Russia. As these trips changed his life, Sorin decided to collect memories while challenging himself to make Travel by Dart a way of living.

Therefore, there are two seasons of Travel by Dart premiering in 2022. Here is more.



The love and the interest that their adventure has been getting has translated into the making of two full TV seasons that will be aired on various networks throughout the world effective the summer of 2022. You can see the lineup of the TV networks broadcasting Travel by Dart HERE. If you don't have access to any of those networks, you can still watch the full show - subscribe HERE and we will help you watch the show.

You can also subscribe to Travel by Dart's YouTube channel HERE to see a plethora of webisodes released separately from the show.

Wanna be part of it? Shoot us a line at: hello at travelbydart dot com if you want to be involved in any capacity. Travel by Dart could not exist without the support of amazing people like you, other friends, and partners. To be notified of new developments, you can also like Travel by Dart's Facebook page HERE or follow its Instagram account HERE.





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