Why… the Dart? - Travel By Dart

Why… the Dart?

We’re just a few weeks away from going to Russia and time started the shrink already. There are so many things to accomplish, from procuring Russian visas to securing corporate partners for our series. All have to be done in a very small amount of time, but it feels good. Everything comes into place everyday, piece by piece. We’re blessed to see so much interest in our reality show, even in Hollywood (a quick hi to Claudia Wells/Back to the Future and Scott Michael Campbell/ER for their support!). Thank you to absolutely everyone.

While we were in Los Angeles at the beginning of September, our friend Winston Perez from Concept Modeling asked us why… the dart? He was probably nice enough to avoid the common question we usually get: “So what, you guys got drunk one night and decided to throw a dart at the world’s map?” Well, not only we didn’t touch alcohol the day we came up with the idea, but we didn’t even think twice about backing up once committed.

Life throws things at you everyday. Some are easy to deal with, but a lot of times you’re forced to deal with what you have, on the spot. Face the instant challenges and overcome them. Randomness and faith. In fact, that’s what a dart is, if you will. If the North Pole is given to us and have only a few weeks and no budget for it, that’s what we’ll have to deal with… and make it happen. In the end, not only we felt like donating some cash to WWF for the protection of the polar bears, but we are now ready to go to Russia to help a few orphanages and their children.

People in general like to do a million things. Maybe some want to become doctors, maybe some want to travel the world, maybe some want to help others. We chose Travel by Dart to make the last two happen. There will be many destinations that the dart will send us to. All will bring out randomness, faith, and great challenges. We’ll navigate with whatever the circumstances may be. We know we can do it.

We’ve been told several times “I am so jealous you guys are doing this”, “take me with you”, or “I wish I could do that”. The thing is… we don’t like hearing any of that. The fact is that you actually can too! Trust us, we’re two very normal guys. Just ask our mothers. Just pick your dart. Face your challenge. And make the best of whatever happens next. Just like Henry Ford said once, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can‘t–you‘re right.”

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