Cuba - Travel By Dart
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Because the Cuba trip was absolutely incredible, this country has 2 episodes in the first season of Travel by Dart. Let’s take a look at an overview of both.

During his trip to Uruguay, Sorin Mihailovici threw a new dart at the world map and hit Cuba in a dreamy setup. This episode represents a refreshing way of looking at things in the beautiful country, which endured too much over the last decades.

Sorin starts in Havana and introduces the viewer to the famous Cuban classic cars, explaining why they are so many and what’s so special about them. Then he takes a trip to Vinales, the world’s most-renown area that produces cigars. You get to see how the high-sought Cuban cigars are made, from start to finish, as Sorin receives unprecedented access to a tobacco plantation and discovers the process of making the cigars, from seed to consumption.

The episode also features a visit to Ernest Hemingway’s favorite spot in Havana, La Bodeguita del Medio, where the famous American author wrote most of his pieces.

The incredible Cuba trip continues with a visit to one of the most colorful cities in the world, Trinidad, where Sorin finds the human Google version. After being surprised by a street performer who seems to know too much, the host settles for a few days in Santiago. Here, Sorin is in for a treat and embraces a new group of friends. He visits an African priest who reads his past and future and tells him what he needs to do to better his life.

One cannot visit Cuba without referencing Fidel Castro. Sorin goes for a visit to Castro’s highly unusual grave. Feel free to watch the episode to learn more about this culture and its beautiful people.