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Invited to Speak at St. Benedict School!

As Matt was in Sierra Leone working on an economic development project, Sorin was invited to speak at St. Benedict School, located in Edmonton, Alberta.

St. Benedict is a Catholic school consisting of over 400 students with a multitude of diverse backgrounds. The school’s theme this year is “Be the Change’, which is symbolic of their commitment to social justice and tremendous efforts and generosity of their staff and students. Students are inspired and empowered to make a difference and have both spawned the ideas and spearheaded the means of fundraising and helping others in their local and global communities.

As Sorin talked about Travel by Dart and the means of the show, he also got to find out that St. Benedict School launched their We-Scare hunger campaign last October, which aimed to donate food items to those in need.

St. Benedict gathered over 450 items in total, all of which are generously donated to the Edmonton Food Bank. Grade 6A not only spread awareness about this fundraiser through morning announcements and posters but also assigned specific food items for each class in order to meet the needs of food products that were most wanted by the food bank.

On the other hand, a team of grade six girls, inspired by We Day have taken initiative and created their own global project. The goal: build a school in Africa. In order to raise this money, the grade 6 team, led by 5 students committed to change, has begun to make personal charm bracelets. At $2 a bracelet the goal is to contribute a few bricks to the cause. Sorin bought (donated for) 20 of them!

The students are dedicated and passionate about making a difference and have truly bought in to their ability to make an impact and “Be the Change’. If you are interested to find out more about St. Benedict School activities, drop us an e-mail at: hello at travelbydart dot com.

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