Our Purpose: Full Overview


Education is one of the most important things you can give a child in a foreign country, and frankly... it doesn't even cost that much.

We're excited to have a dart land on a country in need of education. We'll be partnering with a well known charity that has a startling 90% margin going toward their cause. We will most likely build a schoolhouse or library with the help of children in North America, and showcase just how easy it is for normal everyday people to get together and see change.

We've hit the drawing board really early on this one, and from about a dozen angles. This is a huge passion of ours and we aim to go big or go home. You'll just have to wait and see.


Aiding child homelessness in Russia for episode 2 is no small feat. There are over 750,000 children on the streets, many under the age of 10 and the government doesn't like bringing attention to it.

We will be visiting multiple orphanages in small villages across the country, uncovering the truths behind this epidemic and seeing what is at the core.

Resourcefulness is key. We'll be excersizing our abilities to stake out key Russian people and organizations on the ground that have a heart for kids and can bring attention to this issue on a global scale.

We'll establish hands on relationships with the UN and the children when we arrive, and have planned many creative activities to bring hope, inspire and empower as many children as possible.


Sex trafficking is a rampid underground industry, producing over a billion dollars annually. And the worst thing is that it happens right in front of our noses and isn't exposed. Right here in our own cities.

Most assume sex trafficking only takes place in third world countries. This is not the case at all.

If the dart lands anywhere in a first world country that has a location on our hotlist (there are more than you think) we are attacking the issue at it's core.

We've been discussing and strategizing ways to partner with global organizations and film makers specific to this cause, who are currently combatting this issue on a daily basis. We are passionate about helping them in any way possible.


Sustainability can mean many things. In our case we believe sustainability in any economy is key. The hardest thing to swallow is the fact that many third world places don't have the money or resources easily available to find ways to sustain themselves. Often they rely on outward organizations to help them, but when the organizations leave... they are out of luck.

The craziest thing is that most of these third world countries have the most natural resources in the world but don't have the systems for taking advantage of it. For example many places have gold, minerals, water that is right beneath ground level, and excellent weather conditions with fertile soil that can produce great crops.

We've been to 50+ countries combined, seen all kinds of sustainable business practices and know for a fact that it is not only possible, but EASY to help make change in the world. We aim to showcase just how easy it is to empower people less fortunate and increase sustainability in various third world economies. Let the throw of a dart lead us!


Hope. Lingering at the essence and core of our very survival. You have heard many quotes around this universal term. It is without doubt that from hope stems a choice to make change.

A combat to depression, a cure to suicide, the fuel for passion, a contagious remedy that cures all, and a driver for success of any scale.. hope needs to be shared with the world. Without hope people are lost.

Whether we're off to educate, inspire, bring financial aid, help sustain a micro-economy or simply promote awareness to a cause - giving hope is always at the core of our purpose. From the depths of our travels to the viewers on the other end of a computer or tv screen, there is no greater feeling than bringing hope to the people of all nations. This is entertainment with purpose.


We Love To inspire people! You could say we even saved this as best for last.

Inspiration is one of our main purposes of the show... But it is something extra special to us. On and off the show, we live our everyday lives not just for ourselves but for others. Inspiring other people to achieve their dreams is one of the most fulfilling things for us.

We're taught that the greatest kings are the greatest servants And only the greatest of servants are promoted to kings. See, in our world we live to give. It's NOT all about us. One's greatness is determined by how many others can be made great. Inspiration is our main source for showing people that they too are amazing and can achieve.

Our hope is to inspire the world.

How Our Funding Works


Sorin and Matt didn't receive any TV station money to do this show. They invested their own. They invested in creating memories. While Matt left his job for school in the US, focusing on global transformation and Sorin was back in Canada managing his new tech startup that helps people avoid financial fraud, money was not easy. The timing suggested that this project be placed on hold. Nevertheless, the two had a vision and stuck to the plan, even though most people said they were crazy. With Matt floating two years of personal income tax returns to live and Sorin maxing out a visa card, amongst other things unmentioned, what it took to make their dream become a reality was necessary. Some called it foolish; they just called it faith. Now the two grass-root Canadians with a big dream are becoming a global brand. With 1000+ hours of designing and hair-pulling to produce a great platform, the two are campaigning to get major corporate sponsorships to raise the money needed to create a series that will shake and inspire the world. Safe to say, there is likely nothing that will stop them.


Finding ways to activate all of the markets and promote the show is no easy task. Though, the concept is strong and the cause is pure in heart. The two found the best approach was to divide fundraising into three categories: personal (giving), business (advertising), and corporate (partnerships). With this method, the goal is to have all personal funds go directly toward the cause, while allowing the business advertising and corporate partnerships to pay for the production costs and all expenses other than directly donating to charities or actively helping those of where they travel. As their network and brand trust grows, they are seeing a big leap of faith from supporters of all kinds. A true blessing.


The funding for producing the pilot episode - filmed in Russia - has mainly come from a local fundraiser in Edmonton, Alberta. They hosted a black-tie gala with 200 supporters, 40+ silent auction items, 6 rounds of live auction bidding, a 50/50 "guess where the dart lands" game and a secret envelope free-trip giveaway to New York for two. To top it off, the evening's highest bidder got to throw the dart live to determine the next destination of travel (which hit Russia) and be in the next episode. Sorin and Matt raised $34,000 during the event, which covered the production of a memorable episode AND purchasing gifts for the homeless children they visited in Russia. The show is about creating a global impact, and this is what it's going to take.


Matt and Sorin are actively seeking the support of an investor or group that has vested interest in seeing global change and can help to push the boundaries of the show's marketplace capacity. First and foremost -- mentorship, experience in the entertainment industry (preferably Hollywood production), and a savvy in business are essential to finding the right match. This journey is not about money. Money will come. it's about entertainment with purpose. The thought of helping make positive change in the world while inspiring millions of others to do just the same is amazing. For an investor to come on board in that capacity would be well worth more than any amount provided.