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thailand travel by dart


Thailand is also a country that offered Sorin spectacular experiences, so there are two episodes back-to-back in the first season of Travel by Dart.

While blindfolded in Cambodia, Sorin threw the dart at the world map and hit Thailand (“the Land of Smiles”). An incredible journey that spreads throughout two episodes, this adventure features everything you need to know about Thailand and its culture.

The first part showcases Bangkok and its crazy good vibe and balances modern times with history. Sorin meets a Brit who came to Thailand to visit the famous River Kwai Bridge, not for tourism, but to track her father’s footsteps. The old man vanished during the bridge-building. The search is on now. Sorin and his friend are looking for clues. A significant breakthrough takes place.

The episode features the famous Bangkok temple Wat Arun and the never-sleeping Khaosan road, so this first part of the show has many attractive angles to look at when it comes to Thai life.

In the second episode, Sorin embraces adventure to the fullest. If you plan to visit this country one day, this is a show to watch. Going to Koh Samui island has its perks. Incredible experiences, from joining a safari trip to paying respects to cultural choices, are part of this visually stunning episode.

Sorin tries to cook Thai food, even though he is not chef-material. James Bond-looking-like islands, elephants, and other adrenaline-rush activities complete the show and this season 1.

Bring on Season 2!