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After our first dart throw landed in the North Pole we were eager and ready to be put to the challenge. With four short weeks, zero money and aspiring to partner with a global organization all in such a short amount of time, the odds were against us.

A focus group was hosted with 25 people to determine how we would make the trip happen. We had a plan to inspire people by succesfully completing the journey, but little did we know just how much it would end up impacting those around us. Our mission to not only travel to our destination "help the people or the land" was an inspiration to many. We knew right away that we had something special.

Local news picked up our story, the buzz began, and we learned that when love is at the core of what you do, you simply cant fail. We now travel around the globe finding new and amazing ways to help people and create

world change. We have researched countless causes, charities, and global organizations and are ready for wherever each dart lands. From first to third world countries there is no shortage of need for inspiration and world change. We believe that real world change starts with just one. You.

We have planned a North American tour to speak at schools and empower young people to live their dreams. As our dream was to travel the world by the throw of a dart, we've embraced that tool to entertain, showcasing new adventures at every corner. We bring our fresh insights on being resourceful and living life to the fullest, with the core essence of helping others do just the same. We believe true greatness is not measured by how much one can achieve in a lifetime, but by how much one can help others achieve. This is our true mission. Bringing inspiration and change to all.





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