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Matt Cook

Matt is a social entrepreneur, adventurer, aspiring author, motivational speaker, and supporter of 'kingdom finance' philosophy. In late 2012, he exchanged a six-figure income to pursue his passion; a year of studying in the global ministry and third world economic development arenas. He quickly got to work and landed in Africa, where he launched a foreign investment platform, "Kingdom Venture Capital Fund Ltd." (, a new company that has raised over $2M in the first year to help empower local cocoa farmers in the jungles of Sierra Leone.

Matt is the founder of IdeaVessel Inc. (, a marketing and web design agency (which created this site), and owner/founder of Canadian/US music label "The Love Label". His early entrepreneurship dates back to 18 years old in college with his first business "ESL Tours BC", an adventure travel company for international students; Embrace Entertainment, producing live concerts, music festivals and special events for youth in Western Canada. You can find stories and philosophies of life in Matt's ebook "Finding Gold Manifesto", an inspirational take that helps people live their lives to the fullest. Catch him if you can, wherever you find Matt he will always welcome you with a warm heart and a smile.





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