Travel With Sorin!

If you are interested in traveling with Sorin, his next destination is Thailand, from November 24 to December 3. Give yourself a gift and join his exclusive team for Asia. You can sign up and see more details on the Spark Experience Thailand page by clicking HERE or the button below. Other destinations are Brazil, Japan, Italy and the Maldives.




About the Series

Travel by Dart is an inspirational tale of Sorin Mihailovici, an adventurer who throws darts at the world map blindfolded and travels wherever they land - no matter how far, complicated, or expensive it is.!

This new series combines adventure travel, reality TV, and fun while delivering refreshing life perspectives from the host as he overcomes challenges that face him along the way. Covering every continent, from South East Asia to the most remote islands of Polynesia, Sorin uncovers the history, cuisine, cultures, and subcultures that connect the world.

Each trip is fuelled by Sorin's resourcefulness and ability to make it from one place to the next, evoking mystery, adventure, and inspiration at every turn. The producer films his entire journey step-by-step from beginning to end, proving that traveling to every continent on the globe, living your wildest dreams, and getting past the challenges of the mundane work-life is entirely possible if you put your mind to it..

This show is for all ages. Stay tuned as Sorin continues to film this ongoing journey by subscribing to Travel by Dart's official YouTube channel HERE. You'll be the first notified when a new video comes out.


Where do Sorin and Matt reside?

The Travel by Dart founders live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. How much longer…they know yet Sorin was born in Romania and moved to Canada in 2001, while Matt is originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

What if the dart hits the ocean?

They’ll be going to the closest land mass. That’s what happened at the first dart throw, when they hit an area in the Arctic ocean, between the North Pole and Svalbard archipelago.

Would they go to any country?

They would love that!! However, there may be countries that might make the access a little harder for North Americans (Syria, North Korea, etc.) so pending the political situation at the time of the dart throw, visas availability, and the time constraint, anything can happen. So far, so good!

Can anybody else throw the dart on their behalf?

It’s not something that Matt and Sorin will offer often, but if the reason is right, it can happen. What does that mean? For example, the boys are planning to do a bus tour across North America to speak and inspire tens of thousands of junior and high school students. From the whole bunch, they might offer one lucky student the chance to throw the dart for them–and maybe even take him/her with them for the trip of a lifetime! Another opportunity to throw the dart for Sorin and Matt is if a significant donation is made towards the cause of the destination.

Will they endorse any sponsor?

Although they have open hearts, Matt and Sorin would like to get involved with companies/sponsors that are genuinely interested in making a real change, not a fake publicity stunt.

How can I help if I am not in a very good financial situation?

Share. Share. Share. That’s free. Post on Facebook and Twitter any of the pages of this website. That’s just as good. Start by liking our Facebook page:

When is the next dart throw?

The boys are planning to throw the next dart in the beginning of 2014 on live TV, but that’s pending the viral success of their campaign. Which show? They have a few favorites: Ellen, Jay Leno, Anderson 360, etc. The plan is to shoot a 6 more episodes in the first half of 2014 and release the series in the summer.

Where can I watch the series?

Travel by Dart is in discussions with a few networks as you are reading this. An announcement will be made once all the requirements are met, so keep checking our website. However, due to the viral aspect of its mandate, all the social media support, and the advancement of the new media, Travel by Dart is also considering launching the project as a web series.

I have a personal question for Sorin or Matt. Where should I send it to?

They’ll try to help, but please be reasonable. They won’t be coming to your birthday to strip. Just kidding. Send a message to or

Can I come with them to the next trip?

You can! The Travel by Dart team is planning to bring along a lucky somebody in the next episodes. Type your e-mail address in the box featured on the “Contests” page and you might be the one! We’ll follow up with you.

About the Series

Travel by Dart is a new web series that combines adventure travel, reality tv and philanthropy. Each episode two friends throw a dart at the world's map and travel wherever it lands, with the purpose of helping the people or the land.

The show delivers an inspiring tale of two young men and how they overcome the challenges that face them along the way to complete each mission.

Travel to the ends of the earth helping the people and the land, from the arctic islands of Svalbard, 300 miles from the north pole addressing the polar bear cause, to a cross-country tour of Russia where they combat youth homelessness and expose mafia violence.

This show is for all ages. Stay tuned as Sorin and Matt continue to film this ongoing journey.