Sponsorships: Personal

Full Season - $25

You will be the first to receive each episode, before the media and public. You'll receive the special edition directors cut of each episode, including commentaries from Sorin and Matt. The real inside scoop on their adventure.

Get inspired and behind the scenes as you live the journey with them. Your name will also make a permanent mark on our Travel by Dart 'Thank You' page for all our donors and sponsors, posted on our website.

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Name in TV Credits - $50

We are so grateful for your support and we want to prove it! We would be honored to include your name in the end credits of our show.

We will also mention your name or small business on our Facebook and Twitter posts to say a huge thank you and recognize you to our growing group of followers. We'll sign you up to Dart Squad and give you updates of our journey along the way.

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Founder - $100

Receive a special thank you frame, recognizing you as an official founder of this new show. You will have your name on the credits of every Travel by Dart episode from now on (saying "founder") as a token of our appreciation for giving so generously and believing in us!

All founders will recieve exclusive email updates with invitations to join us filming on our upcoming projects... Wouldn't it be cool to say you are one of the founders of a school in Kenya or a plantation in the Amazon?

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Special Greetings - $250

We'll send you or your loved one a personalized video greeting from our destination. You choose! We'll go to the most popular landmark in the country that we'll visit, whether is Machu Pichu or Eiffel Tower. We'll send it via email so you have it right away.

For the last episode this package was a hit. We had romantic anniversary messages, gifts to friends, a blogger promoting her site, and a couple of comedic "hellos!" to co-workers. What will you come up with?

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Special Custom Package - $500

Here is the surprise. We don't know where we are going. However, wherever we will end up, we will make a custom banner with either your name or business logo, take it with us and film in the most popular place of that country!

We'll create a script or greeting from you and edit an awesome cinema-like short for you, a friend or a family member to have. We'll even edit you into the clip with our super-power abilities. This will be a guaranteed hoot. Get some buzz on your social media, upload to youtube, share it and have some fun!

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Any Amount - $xxx

We don't want to limit our supporters to only a few options. So tell us what you want to give! Sponsor us here with any amount and we will call you personally to say thanks.

Last year we offered to call people's bosses, say a sorry for someone, and even make some prank calls. We'll go as far as you will go! It's all in good fun, and everything donated from you goes to fuel our cause. If you are reading any of this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

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