Media buying... Us!

We want to make it real easy for global brands and their agencies to come on board with us. The best way we know how is to showcase conceptually what we are tryinmd be organized.

We created 9 downloadable "Pitch Packages" in .pdf format that separate by industry all of the categories of sponsorships that are available.

Each package is presented beautifully and can be shared between media buyers, creative agencies and brands. Our pitches include gross/net rates, ad close dates and lots of multi-platform branding flexibility.


*Rollover any of the images below to see a quick view. Click to download a high quality .PDF copy of each package in your browser. Average size is 8MB.


Media buying and sponsorships are one area that we see ways to grow our show's ability to help people. Partnerships are another.

For brands that want to simply partner with us on a grander scale we want to showcase the creative capacity to do so. Are you interested in our show? Do you love what we do and want your name on it too?

Each of the packages below come with the ability to exclusively brand yourself as our partner. Our show will be brought to the masses by you and only you. But act fast, this is only offered before we become viral.