Sponsorships: Business

Special Custom Package - $500

We will film and edit an amazing short promotional video message for you or your business by taking a printed banner of your logo with us and hold it up!

We will shoot this greeting in the most popular place of the country we will visit, whether in front of the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, or the Statue in Rio! Great package as gift for your business partner, dad, or sports-related entrepreneurs.

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The Proof - $1000

At the end of our mission the children at the orphanage your money just helped will record a greeting specially for your company, saying thank you for your support. You could use that clip on your marketing materials and website, showing everyone you made a difference first hand.

You'll be thanked profusely on our website, social media posts, become an official sponsor of the show and be given a special place in our film credits!

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Brand in the Show - $2500

Throughout the filming during our next episode in 2015, we will be wearing your swag. Your logo will be on our shirts, hats, or socks. Your brand will make quite a few appearances on episode 2! Also, we'll be featuring your company in future videos that we will post on our blog, for our followers.

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Executive Producer - $5000

You will be an honorary Executive Producer and receive credit on the show. You will be invited to come to Hollywood (flights paid) and strategize over dinner with Hollywood writers and producers, to better our vision and scripting of the upcoming episodes. Topics will include everything from social cause to production value, proper branding and demographic alignment, and creative strategy. Your business or brand will be strategically placed in our next episode and we'll even give you the option to come along with us and our special guests to film (if you pay your own way)

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Show Segment - $10,000

We will invest your money into the production value of our show. We'll be doing a special segment that will be a carefully planned (and massive) publicity stunt. We'll strategize together with you what it will be. Think of dropping down 1,000 soccer balls with your company name from a branded helicopter, or delivering hundreds of water bottles from a branded pirate ship. Whatever we do will be planned to directly effect the life of those children we meet, in some kind of radical way. This will make for some great thrills and heartfelt moments. We need creative ways to connect and inspire our audience and this perk will help us do just that. We'll send you the raw footage from exactly what you funded with a personal thank you! Unless of coarse you want to join us and execute it with us.. your invite awaits.

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Emergency Relief - $12,500

Your money will go towards an emergency cause, like securing somebody a life-changing surgery or getting rare medicine, or flying them out to an impossible destination to receive help. We will make sure you receive numerous forms of promotion for making our great vision for this show come true. Needless to say, you will benefit by receiving all the packages above (worth $19,000). In addition, every video we'll post on our blog from now on (stunts, exclusive footage, interviews with celebrities, etc) will be starting and closing with an 5-7 sec intro (and wrap), featuring your branding: "Travel by Dart - championed by . Are you the one?

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