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Sochi and the Olympic Games…hmmm…

We hope you all had a great Christmas! Those of you who didn’t celebrate it just yet, we are sure you will have a fantastic day.

As we’re waiting for our editors to finish episode 2 (‘To Russia with Love’) of our Travel by Dart series, we thought we would share with you some experiences from Russia, which you won’t see in the movie.

Most of you know that the next winter Olympic Games will take place in Sochi, city located at the Black Sea, in Russia. The games will be hosted in only six weeks. We decided to pay a visit to the Olympic complex while in town.

Sochi is a beautiful city that looks like doesn’t belong to Russia at all. Imagine palm trees and +20 Celsius in the middle of November. A nice breeze and a friendly sun greeted us as soon as we landed. The city itself seemed to be ready for the big event coming up on February 7: international flags all over town, grass cut to the dot, paint jobs beautifully executed, etc.

On the other hand though, the Olympic complex looked like it just started to be built! A big construction site unveiled itself as soon as we passed a big church and some big stone fences, right off the highway. Bent metal spikes coming out of the ground tried to tell us that’s the place where the luge or bobsleigh competitions will take place. Above all, a fabulous castle-like building is already there, majestically overseeing the whole complex.

We stopped the van with our six people crew right by the entrance. Meanwhile, about 50 workers were sitting down chatting, laughing, some of them eating. We’re just gonna say it was lunch time so they were taking a deserving break. Interesting enough, as soon as we came out of the van with our cameras and set up the tripods ready to record, all the men sitting down stood up and started to work again! We must have arrived exactly at the end of their break.

The construction itself seemed way behind. Maybe it will be done in time. Some said no, some said yes. That’s probably a smaller concern right now, as the whole world talks more about boycotting of the Games, as a response to Vladimir Putin’s violations of human rights after creating a new Russian law that criminalizes gay “propaganda”. Apparently, Russians don’t care about the boycott either.

Enjoy our short video below, with a review of the construction site, as well as some of the pictures we took while in Sochi.

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