World Change Through Water Wells

Check out this amazing couple who are a living example of dedication to world change. I met John and Kaysie Campbell in Sierra Leone out on their compound where they set out with teams of men to hand drill and case clean, sustainable water wells for thousands of people to drink freely.


They took a leap of faith, left America and opened up a business drilling wells in Africa. From financial hardships to Malaria to raising a newborn baby, amongst a plethora of real life challenges I couldn’t have imagined… nothing is stopping them. They are raising their kid in a foreign African country while making world change. Why? Because it is their dream. And to boot, they are madly in love.


See their video and watch how John leads his team of hand well drillers to build a well from scratch. From nothing but red dirt to a steady stream of crystal blue water, see the faces of the kids as they pump their livelihood into buckets. Dive into the life and culture of two who are truly making things happen, and way behind the scenes. Only 172 people have seen this video, and all 6 minutes of it is nothing short of amazing.


Africa is a diverse continent with many variables, but when you land it’s nothing like you would imagine.¬†John and Kaysie have given me insight into living in Africa on the ground first hand, and have proved how taking some time away to make real change is very achievable and can create some serious impact to change lives. It is truly possible for the every day person.


Watch this short video below and maybe, just maybe something will spark deep inside of you too.


Imagine Water Sierra Leone from John Campbell on Vimeo.

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