Mission Russia: Completed!

Thank you again for visiting our blog! We just came back from Russia where we had the best experience you can ever imagine. And we captured it on film! Episode 2, ‘Travel by Dart: To Russia with Love’ is in the making now and will be ready for release soon. Until then, we will let you enjoy a few of our pictures, just so you can get a taste of the episode! Meanwhile, fill out the form on the ‘Contest’ page to be notified when we’ll be releasing the movie!


About the Series

Travel by Dart is a new web series that combines adventure travel, reality tv and philanthropy. Each episode two friends throw a dart at the world's map and travel wherever it lands, with the purpose of helping the people or the land.

The show delivers an inspiring tale of two young men and how they overcome the challenges that face them along the way to complete each mission.

Travel to the ends of the earth helping the people and the land, from the arctic islands of Svalbard, 300 miles from the north pole addressing the polar bear cause, to a cross-country tour of Russia where they combat youth homelessness and expose mafia violence.

This show is for all ages. Stay tuned as Sorin and Matt continue to film this ongoing journey.