history: WHERE it all began

Soon after take off

Soon after the dart throw the story began to spread of what the guys were doing. They were invited to tell their story on a few television networks and the story took off faster than they did

From placing calls to radio stations while sick with bronchitis in the hotel room (swimming in an arctic ocean is not smart), to writing and uploading personal videos in their travel blog about all of their crazy journeys, the two became loved for their adventurous and kind hearted spirits.

Fast Forward...

Upon arrival the two had no idea what to expect. Follow ups to emails, delivering sponsorship packages from the website orders and editing short videos to businesses who sponsored them for an exchange of their services it was a hectic time. Though, they never knew it would blossom into something really special.

The tipping point

One evening a very exciting call was made. Before coming back home, Kjersti Noras, the head of Svalbard Tourism had believed in the two so much for what they were doing that she signed a sponsorship deal with Polar Faith for $10,000. The day of the phone call was the day the cheque came through from Norway. The trip had been officially paid for. Their name prevailed.

A new beginning

After some time the first episode was completed. Matt took off to the US for studying and Sorin kept strong with the job and business in Canada. The two Skyped online weekly with plans to rebrand the new site and concept, launch a new name and set up a fundraiser to reflect their new cause. The day school had ended 9 months later, the two were interviewed on multiple news stations and would reunite to hit the ground running... and fast.

The story behind their very first episode:

Matt and Sorin were debating if they should name their first release "episode 1", "the pilot episode", or simply just the "pre-concept version".

As they initially threw the first dart out of fun, they had no idea what kind of snowballing effect and impact this project would have. The Polar night experience would one of a kind, perfect for their adventure travel. As the random destination chosen by the throw of a dart was finally reached, they documented the trip, and set off into the wilderness. They coined their adventure "Polar Faith", as the initial thought of the Travel by Dart brand hadn't been thought of yet.

Awareness to the Polar Bear plight:

With thoughts on how to build a great story and do something greater than just travel to a freezing cold destination, they had goals to help the polar bears. Partnering with World Wildlife fund seemed the perfect thing to do, so they made some calls. In the end, a massive awareness to the region became the thriving outcome of their first episode. As $5 from every online donation pledged for the trip would go toward the WWF for the protection of the polar bears, and with the two officially adopting a polar bear, the seed was officially planted for what would soon become the basis of an entire show. Traveling to help the people or the land, and doing it by the throw of a dart.




previous dart thrown
by supporter at
fundraising gala

The next dart throw will be live on TV. Where? We are trying to get on the Ellen show. By our viewers continuing to swamp her email, twitter and facebook with messages from people about how awesome our show is, it is going to happen!

We aim to make a massive difference wherever the dart lands. The more people that know about it the more change we can make. Its only with your help that we can keep moving forward...

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