Education is one of the most important things you can give a child in a foreign country, and frankly... it doesn't even cost that much.

We're excited to have a dart land on a country in need of education. We'll be partnering with a well known charity that has a startling 90% margin going toward their cause. We will most likely build a schoolhouse or library with the help of children in North America, and showcase just how easy it is for normal everyday people to get together and see change.

We've hit the drawing board really early on this one, and from about a dozen angles. This is a huge passion of ours and we aim to go big or go home. You'll just have to wait and see.


    While Matt left his job for school in the US, focusing on global transformation and Sorin was back in Canada managing his new tech startup that helps people to avoid financial fraud, money was not easy to come by. The timing suggested that this project be placed on hold. Never the less the two had a vision and stuck to the plan, even though most people said they were crazy. With Matt floating two years of personal income tax returns to live and Sorin maxing out a visa card, amongst other things unmentioned, what it took to make their dream become a reality was necessary. Some called it foolish, they just called it faith. Now the two grass root Canadians with a big dream are becoming a global brand, and with 1000+ hours of designing and hair pulling to produce a world class website, the two are campaigning to get major corporate sponsorships to raise the $900,000 needed to produce a series that will shake and inspire the world. Safe to say there is likely nothing that is going to stop them.


    Funding for Episode 2: To Russia with Love has come largely from their last fundraiser in Edmonton, Alberta where they hosted a black tie gala with shy of 200 supporters, 40+ silent auction items, 6 rounds of live auction bidding, a 50/50 "guess where the dart lands" game, and a secret envelope free-trip giveaway to New York for two. To top it off, the highest bidder of the evening got to throw the dart live to determine the next destination of travel (which hit Russia) and be in the next episode. Sorin and Matt raised $34,000 during the event and are planning to raise another $15,000-$25,000 before October 8th to cover the production costs and produce a quality episode that is memorable for all, including the homeless children that they visit. The show is about creating global impact, and this is what it's going to take.

  • 3. Sponsorships

    Finding ways to activate all of the markets and promote the show is no easy task. Though, the concept is strong and the cause is pure in heart. The two found the best approach was to divide fundraising into three categories: personal (giving), business (advertising), and corporate (partnerships). With this method, the goal is to have all personal funds go directly toward the cause, while allowing the business advertising and corporate partnerships to pay for the production costs and all expenses other than directly donating to charities or actively helping those of where they travel. As their network and brand trust grows, they are seeing a big leap of faith from supporters of all kinds. A true blessing.

  • 4. investors

    Matt and Sorin are actively seeking the support of an investor or group that has vested interest in seeing global change and can help to push the boundaries of the show's marketplace capacity. First and foremost -- mentorship, experience in the entertainment industry (preferably Hollywood production), and a savvy in business are essential to finding the right match. This journey is not about money. Money will come. it's about entertainment with purpose. The thought of helping make positive change in the world while inspiring millions of others to do just the same is amazing. For an investor to come on board in that capacity would be well worth more than any amount provided.