Friends We Love


We cannot be any happier to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the people who believe in us, including the journalists and the bloggers who took the time to learn about our mission and to do a story on Travel by Dart. Here they are, along with the stories:


Citytv – Breakfast Television
Global TV
CTV News
Toronto Star
Canadian Immigrant
Candy’s Celebrity Corner
Camera and Canvas
Write For Travel
Narrative Transport


Below is also a list with all our supporters. Who are they? People who came to our very first focus group to help our direction, people who donated to make our episodes happen, those who helped us a ton in Svalbard, volunteered at our fundraising gala, media people who showcased us to the world, a few key IndieGoGo online campaign funders, some silent auction donors, and a few more friends who supported us in any capacity!


Dear friends, we love you. THANK YOU to everyone for believing in us. We  hope to serve you all well in the coming seasons, in life and on the show.


Jonathan Chawla
Gaston Landry
Cindy Mitchell
Cameron Blair
Lisa Blair
Rick Murti
Kel Meads
Kate Meads
Jake Bergen
Daniel Chowla
Mehrban Chowla
Danny Valimaki
Beryl Bacchus
Tonia LaRiviere
Donna Zazulak
Jo-Anne Cassidy
Brenna Holeman
This Battered Suitcase
Victoria Lynn Weston
Carol Ann Quibell
Write For Travel
Siddharth Jain
Greg Rodgers and Vagabonding Life
Rodika Tollefson
Narrative Transport
Kevin Spreekmeester
Caitlin Low
Jonathon Cote
Grant Marsden
Kim Lafreniere
Rob Kinsey
Dan Toma
Trevor Holmlund
Gregory Clark
Shara Tardif
Ken Franczek
Kjersti Ellen Norås
Robert Nielsen
Hilde Falum Strom
Tommy Örnewald
Stig Halvorsen
Steve Daldorff Halvorsen
Mark Sabbatini
Iri Kolborg Mork
Simen Henriksen
Svein Hortemo
Dan Celius
Rimante Hegland
Carla Martella
Michael Behm
Romulus Boieru
Julien Hasler
Gina Cook
Wayne Cook
Emilia Henriquez
Tim LaRiviere
Mark Scholz
Brad Hartford
Jerold Dubyk
Daniela Roncov
Razvan Roncov
Craig Sherburne
Jeff McDonald
Ava Karvonen
Darcia Parada
Shane Kelly
Maria Groenner
Andrew Mason
Ryan Jespersen
Michelle McDougall
Ashley Molnar
Carrie Doll
Sarolta Saskiw
Carole-Anne Devaney
Liann Cameron
Gord Steinke
Rob McAnally
Kenyon Wallace
Christine Montague
Anida Phing Phetsavanh
June Nino Chua
Henry Bartel
Jessica Hume-Smith
Tony Hesby
Janine Fraser
Michael Trache
Consuela Persa
Maria Vraciu
Constantin Zanoaga
Ionut Baluta
Abby Brown
Michael DeRoo
Artur Musial
Mitch Compri
Finley Mah
Sandy Jacobsen
Bob Mulligan
Kelley Mulligan
Lorin Angell
Curtis Bawden
Joan Munro
Cindy Laporte
Steve Laporte
Kate Holmlund
Sam Khosla
Shyroz Khosla
Kimberly Schick-Puddicombe
Grant Puddicombe
Manchi Lo
Serap Ozturk
Sandi Chipchar
Shelley Roslund
Matt Cummings
Brieanna McCutcheon
Danielle Goudreau
Juli McKinnon
Catherine Vu
Marina Ivanova
Yaroslav Krushko
Krista Baert
Brent Seetaram
Kirsten Pawlowski
Jeff Hauser
Victoria Downe
Brandy Olson
Ionut Albulescu
Bob Lupul
Barb Lupul
Ryan Lupul
Sam Pham
Ken Dang
Yuji Ansuri
Tory Ansuwan
Miles Corbett
Liana Shannon
Sorin Buda
Ramona Buda
Elena Nistor
Ramy Sakalla
Amanda Joseph
Jessica Bauer
Cheryl MacLeod
Monique Calliou
Ashley Kumar
Elliot Digby
Judy Giese
Kevin Giese
Mareley Resandt
Pam Moellmann
Chantelle Theroux
Raegan Sather
Mike Millis
Sarah McNair
Megan Johnson

Svalbard Tourism
Svalbard Husky
Canada Goose
Silver Jeans
GLS Construction
Pinnacle Realty&Management
Rigid Mechanical
Canadian Power Pac
World Wildlife Fund
Spitsbergen Travel
Sports Centeret
Karls Bergen
Radisson Inn
Huset Longyearbyen
Citytv Edmonton
Global TV
Genesis International
Crystal Glass
KS Events
Mr. Yu Events
Wingnut Studios
Comedy Club Edmonton
Krush Ultralounge
Dream Culture
JuneLaine Photography
Pure Health Naturally
Pacific Wine & Spirits
Edmonton Opera
Be Hot Yoga Edmonton
Four Points Sheraton
Independent Outdoor Digital
Holiday Inn Express Kamloops
RedTail Landing Golf Course
More Than Crayons

About the Series

Travel by Dart is a new web series that combines adventure travel, reality tv and philanthropy. Each episode two friends throw a dart at the world's map and travel wherever it lands, with the purpose of helping the people or the land.

The show delivers an inspiring tale of two young men and how they overcome the challenges that face them along the way to complete each mission.

Travel to the ends of the earth helping the people and the land, from the arctic islands of Svalbard, 300 miles from the north pole addressing the polar bear cause, to a cross-country tour of Russia where they combat youth homelessness and expose mafia violence.

This show is for all ages. Stay tuned as Sorin and Matt continue to film this ongoing journey.